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Wire industry machines

The industry of wire machines is huge.

A wire is a cylindrical flexibile rod or strand of metal. Wires can be used to carry huge loads or transfer electricity or (tele) communication signals. Metal wires are produced by pulling metal several times trough a smaller and smaller dies. Until the desired diameter is achieved.

The wire industry comprises also all techniques to cover or insulate wires, commonly with plastic and polymers. In this category you find many used machines like: bent parts making machines, mesh welders, spring winding machines, Wire drawing machines, wire eroding machines, wire straightning machines, Screw manufacturing machines, wire nail presses and many more.

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Wire industry machine, spring machine WAFIOS FTU2.1
Wire industry machines KOCH KHZ 25000

Find wire industry machines from brands such as:

Albert, Angeli, Arboga, Aro, Asahi, Bihler, Blumberg, BM, Bobbio, Boehl, Breitenbach, British Federal, Buendgens, Charmilles, Decoux, Deiters, Dellner, DEM, Draweba, Dura, Europe, EVG, EVG Polycut, EWM Menn, Finzer, Fuba, Gerhardi, Grauer, Grefe, GSG, Hack, Hartley, Hatebur, Herborn, Heuer, Hilgeland, Hille, Ideal, Ingramatic, Jager, Jeager, JopiSarl, JOUHSEN-BUENDGENS, Jurczyk, Kemmerich, Kersten, Koch, Kohler, Kolbus, Koradi, Kovopol, Krupp, Kuhne, Lammert, Makino, Malmedi, Menn, Meyer, Milan, Miracon, Mitsubishi, Morgan, Mubea, Mueller, Müller, Nagel, Nakaschimada, National, Nedschroef, Nikola, Nutap, OMD, Omega, Omes, Peddinghaus, Peltzer, Perma-Tec, Post, Ravni, Refflinghaus, Reinking, RFE, RMG, RNA, Rorschach, Roth & Pastor, Sacma, Salvi, Saspi, Schenker, Schlatter, Schumag, Sima, Simplex, Sket Herborn, Skrebba, Sleeper, Sleeper + Hartley, Smei, Soprem, Spuehl, Stago, Tecnomatic, Teurema, Unimak, Veb, Vida, Vitari, Wafios, Waterbury, Witschi, WMW, Wuensch.

Search and find wire industry machines in types such as:

Barbed wire machines
Bent parts making machines
Bolt chamfering machines
Butt welding machines
Cable manufacturing machines
Chain link fence machines
Chain production machines
Cut to length machines
Fettling machines
Galvanizing equipment
Mesh welders
Packaging plants
Paper-fastener making machines

Pinching machines
Pointing machines
Screw manufacturing machines
Spring end grinding machines
Spring making machines
Spring testing machines
Spring winding machines
Winder & rewinder
Wire crimping machines
Wire cutting machines
Wire drawing machines
Wire eroding machines
Wire nail presses
Wire straightening machines
Wire weaving looms
Other wire industry machines

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