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Textile machines

Textile machines. Machnines to work on textile, from raw material until end product are indicated as textile machines or machinery.

This category contains a wide variety of machines. Our dealers can offer you cutting machines, knitting machines, embroiderers, punching machines, sewing machines, textile care machines, winding machines and weaving machines.

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Textile machine SSM TW2 Winding machine
Textile machine Looms machine

Find textile machines from brands such as:

Autefa, Automatex, Barudan, Benninger, Birch, Brevetti Borrione, Byworth, Christy & Norris, Cliffe, Comical, Cosmotec, Croon & Lucke, Datacolor International, Diamond, Dilo, Doa, Dornier, Epis, Fearmouth, Fehler, Ferber, Franz Liedl, Fulton, Gaudino, Gilbos, Goddbrand & Co, Grob, GT Supplies, Haigh, Hattersley, HBD, Hergeth, High-Chadwick, Hollingworth, Hymo, Int, CTS & Ta You, Itema, James Bailey, James Heal, Karl Mayer, Laroche, Lombarda, Loris Bellini, Masias, Mesdan, Milhan Makina, M-Tec, MTS, NDB, Nesi & Pugi, Nowo, NSC Schlumberger, Nuovo Pignonen, Octirm Pallmann, Pallmann, Paramount, Picanol, Pneumatic Conveyors, Proctor & Schwartz, Ramisch, Rolando, Samt, Sanderson, Sauer Allma, Savoi, Schlafhorst, Seydel, SGS, Somet, SSM, Stabel, Staubli, Stork, Stummer, Sulzer, Superba, Talleres Mecanicos Suizos, Tatham, Tatham / Fehrer, Tex-Inter, Thomas Holt, Thomas Mitchell, Tolkar, Twist Technology, Upkeeper, Vega, Vematex, Walker&Smith, Welker, Whitley.

Search and find textile machines in types such as:

Clamping frames
Cutting machines
Draw winding machines
Dyeing equipment
Hat production
Knitting machines
Labeling machines
Latch plate automat
Napping mills
Nonwoven machines
Plaiting machines

Printing machinery
Punching machines
Quilting machines
Raschel machines
Spinning machines
Textile care machines
Textile Packaging Machinery
Texturizing machines
Twisting machines
Twisting machines
Warp knitting looms
Warping machines
Weaving machines
Other textile machines

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