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Glass / Ceramics machines

Glass / ceramics machines uses technology to create object from inorganic or non-metallic materials by the use of heat or by using precipitation reactions from high purity chemical solutions: Purification of raw materials.

Ceramic materials may have a crystalline or partly crystalline structure, with long-range order on atomic scale. Glass ceramics may have an amorphous or glassy structure, with limited or short-range atomic order. They are either formed from a molten mass that solidifies on cooling, formed and matured by the action of heat, or chemically synthesized at low temperatures using, for example, hydrothermal or sol-gel synthesis.
The special character of ceramic materials gives rise to many applications in materials engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering. As ceramics are heat resistant, they can be used for many tasks that materials like metal and polymers are unsuitable for.

Ceramic materials are used in a wide range of industries, including mining, aerospace, medicine, refinery, food and chemical industries, packaging science, electronics, industrial and transmission electricity, and guided lightwave transmission.

Types are: Brick and tile moulding machines, Clay handling, Glass cutting desks, Glass drilling machines, Glass grinding machines, Glass molding machines, Insulating glass making machines, Other machinery, Presses.

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Glass / ceramics machines
Glass / ceramics machines glass edge polisher

Find Glass / Ceramics machines from brands such as:

Bavelloni, Bottero, Bystronic, GTA, Haendle, Hegla, Knopp, Lenhardt, Pannkoke, Riba, Riedhammer, Rieter, Robot Glass, Rotox, Teplotehna, Torgauer, Weco, Zafferani.

Search and find Glass / Ceramics machines in types such as:

Brick and tile moulding machines
Clay handling
Glass cutting desks
Glass drilling machines

Glass grinding machines
Glass molding machines
Insulating glass making machines
Other glass / ceramics machines

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