About MachinesFinder.com

MachinesFinder.com is an international online portal that brings together supply and demand of new and used industrial machines. We help you find your industrial machine the easy way.

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Companies in need of an industrial machine can post a request/wanted for free without any obligation.

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The biggest advantage for machine dealers is that they do not have to upload stock lists(with all maintenance work that is involved). Dealers only send messages or quotations if they have a requested machine in their stock. We help machine dealers speed up sales, increasing their market!

Our marketing department is continuously gaining good quality traffic on the website with only one target: Bring together supply and demand of new or used industrial machines.

– SEO (Search engine optimization) we invest a lot in making the MachinesFinder.com website as Search Engine friendly as possible, to gain as many visitors as possible by ending in the first search results in search engines as Google and Yahoo.

– SEA (Search engine Advertising) we invest a lot in advertising on search engines, such as Google.

– Direct mailing, we send target mailings to our mailing list that contains thousands of relevant contacts. To find the requested machines and to increase requests on our website.

MachinesFinder.com acts globally, with machine dealers from all around the World. MachinesFinder.com takes a lot of attention selecting only the best machine dealers.

With this great attention MachinesFinder.com team does it’s utmost to make sure every search is successful.