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Robotics, a industrial robot is an automated machine that can carry out a small range of tasks very good. These tasks are programmed by a central computer(control unit).

The difference between a robot and a general machine is that a robot can carry out tasks in the same way as a Human.

Two types of robots:
– Manual controled (human controls the robot)
– Automated controled (without human)

Industrial robots are more and more used to automate production proces. The advantages of robots are the replacement of human labour, robots can carry out unpleasant or dangerous labour. Robots are costs saving (labour costs). Robots improve productivity, reliability and quality of production. Robots are used the most in the automotive industry. In car manufacturing plants you can find hundreds of industial robots on a row. For example welding or painting/sealing robots. But also in all other industries robots can be find. Most likely are handling or pick and place robots. A industrial robot consits of a robot arm, control unit and a teach pendant.

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Robotics Used Kuka Robots
Used Fanuc Robot

Find industrial robots from brands such as:

– ABB: IRB, IRC5, S2, S3, S4, S4C, S4C+
– Adept: 840, Adept One MV, Cobra 600(AIB), Cabra S650
– Asea: S2
– Bosch: AR6, AR8, SR4, SR6, SR8
– Comau: Smart Six, NS, NM, NH
– Fanuc: R-J, R-J2
– Kawasaki: B/CP/M/R/Z/Paletizing Series
– Kuka: KRC1, KRC2, RC22, RC42, RC30, RC51, VKRC1
– Yaskawa Motoman: ES165, ES200, EPX, HP, MA, MC2000, MHJF, MPK2F, MH3BM, MRC, MS, MPL, MPP, SIA, SDA, VA, UP20
– Mitsubishi: RV-2AJ, RV-3SJ, RV-5AJ, RV-1A, RV-3S, RV-6S, RV-6SL, RV-12S, RV-12SL, RP-1AH, RP-3AH, RP-5AH, RH-5AH 35/45/55, RH-10AH 70/85, RH-15AH 85
– Reis Robotics: RV6
– Stäubli: TX40/60/60L/90L/90XL/130XL/170/170L/170HP, RX260/270L

Search and find industrial robotics in types such as:

Arc welding robots
Paint and coating robots
Handling robots
Pick and place robots
Spot welding robots

Control units
Teach pendants
Other robotics

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